Satan the Great Deceiver

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In my years of being a high school football coach I have learned one absolutely imperative quality of a successful coach. Great coaches know their opponent. Being a defensive coach means I spend half my week studying my offensive opponent. I spend hours watching film and studying every tendency of the offense. I do this in order to gain any edge over the offensive coordinator. I need to know what my opponent is going to do before he even does it. This not only allows me to make the correct call in order to counter the offense but also helps me to prepare my athletes for any situation that could be presented to them. My job is to know the enemy and prep my team for success.

This is a great example of how we as Christians are to take on Satan the enemy of Jesus. Remember Satan (Shaitan in Arabic) literally means “enemy” or “adversary” or “astray.” He is the great deceiver who brings evil and temptation into the world. His sole purpose is to lead humanity away from God by any means necessary. His tools are deception, temptation and doubt. There is no greater example of how Satan works than in Genesis 3 where Satan makes Eve doubt God’s Word then straight out lies to her. Satan is powerful but understand Christian’s he has no say on our actions. We have the final word on the choices we make not Satan. Satan did not make Eve and Adam sin, rather he just deceived them. The choice was theirs and theirs alone.

In order to counter Satan’s temptations Christians must do three things.

  1. Know the Word of God so as not be deceived by Satan and His lies.
  2. Know your enemy the Devil in order to know his tactics and how he works in the world.
  3. Fellowship and pray daily with fellow Christians in order to receive strength, knowledge and support in your fight against the Devil who Peter says is a roaring lion. 1 Peter 5:8

These tactics help counter the lies of Satan and will help Christians stand firm in the Word of God. Below I have attached a great article written by Don Stewart on the plans of Satan and how he has tried to disrupt God’s plan from the beginning. In it he shows the five areas Satan has tried to thwart God’s plan.

  1. The Human Race
  2. The Nation of Israel
  3. The Promised Line
  4. Jesus Christ
  5. The Church

In his article Mr. Stewart uses a plethora of Scriptures to show what Satan’s tactics are and how he plans on attacking the people of God. From Adam and Eve to the Church of today Mr. Stewart exposes Satan’s objectives and gives understanding of our enemy. May you be encouraged and enlightened by this article. Remember Jesus will have the final word at the day of judgment and Satan will be ultimately destroyed by Jesus’ Word. We have victory over sin and death through the cross, so live in absolute victory.

“How has the Devil Attempted to Thwart God’s Plan of the Ages” by Don Stewart


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