Vison and Mission

Listed below is our Vision Statement with our objectives on how to reach it!
Vision Statement
        Just as Jesus called up Lazarus from the DEAD, so we want to call the dead to LIFE through His most perfect Word! The Bible teaches three clear things for all Christians to follow. PREACH the Word. SHARE the Gospel. DISCIPLE the Saints. Everything we do at The Lazarus Design comes back to those three objectives and we want to partner with any church family, pastor or ministry to accomplish those goals! Come join us at The Lazarus Design where the dead are CALLED and the SAINTS are awoken!
“Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:”  John 11:25
1. Preach the Word: through technology we at The Lazarus Design can reach more people in the world than ever before. Every preaching event done by The Lazarus Design is posted to Facebook and Youtube in order for anyone on the internet to see. However, we understand the importance of personal interaction and also provide opportunity for any group to have The Lazarus Design preach live at any event or gathering. Scripture is clear, in order to reach the world, we must preach the Word!
2. Share the Gospel: missions are very important at The Lazarus Design because it is a core Biblical belief laid down by Jesus Himself. Local, nationwide and international missions are sponsored by The Lazarus Design and any opportunity to feed the hungry, build housing, door to door evangelism, children camps, youth rallies, church revivals or international mission trips are being planned and executed at The Lazarus Design in order to share the Gospel of Jesus to all the world. We must share the Gospel by any means necessary!
3. Disciple the Saints: by creating and daily updating our website, we provide discipleship opportunities for all Christians seeking to better understand the Bible and God’s plan for them in this life. Whether it be a 60 second Bible Blitz, an article written about the importance of the Church, a live Question and Answer session on Facebook, or just getting daily tweets of encouragement before tackling the day, The Lazarus Design provides multiple ways for Christians to be discipled according to the Word of God. We must disciple the Saints of Jesus Christ!
         We at The Lazarus Design will NEVER charge for our resources! Our goal is to see Jesus glorified and His Gospel preached to all the world and that is not something we wish to profit from by monetary gain. However in order to grow and reach people faster, there are technology and equipment needs. We operate solely on donations for our videos, articles and website from the saints of God as they feel led! If you wish to support us, click on support at the top of the page. 
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